Keynote speakers

UKAIS announces conference keynote speaker: Joanna J. Bryson, Associate Professor in the Department of Computing at the University of Bath.

We are very proud to announce that Joanna J. Bryson will be giving our Keynote at this years UKAIS 2019 conference.

Her principle scientific passion is understanding cognition, particularly as it relates to explaining human culture, but also natural intelligence more broadly. Her main methodology for doing this is designing intelligent systems to model and test scientific theories.

Most (but not all) of her research has focused on the unintentional and non- or proto-linguistic aspects of human intelligence, and how intelligence evolves more broadly. The more we understand both the universals of cognition and computation, and the variation we see across species (particularly but not exclusively in animals), the better we will understand the context of specifically human behaviour, including human culture.

Industry keynote speaker: Keith Dewhurst Director of TVS Supply Chain Solutions

We are also proud to announce that Keith Dewhurst will be giving our industry keynote at this years UKAIS 2019 conference.

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