UKAIS 2018 Conference Proceedings

The proceedings can be downloaded as an integrated pdf here, or as a zip file here.

Links to individual papers:

Title Authors Link
An Analysis Of The Moderating Effect Of Age On Smartphone Adoption And Use In The United Arab Emirates Nisreen Ameen and Robert Willis  1
The Role of Workarounds in Benefits Realisation: Evidence from a Field Study in Saudi Arabia Albayan Alraddadi, Donna Champion and Andrea Lagna  3
Social Media? What Social Media? Maxim Wolf, Julian Sims and Huadong Yang  4
Digital Literacy And Exclusion In The Social Media Age Julian Sims, Magda Fusaro and Maxim Wolf  6
Intervention Evolution Engine - An Intelligent eHealth Service Delivery Platform Bakhtiyar Ahmed, Thomas Dannhauser and Nada Philip  7
Exploring The Collaborative Activities Of Home-Based Businesses In OECD Countries David Hastings, Muhammad Naveed Anwar and Gobinda Chowdhury  8
Communication-Driven Usefulness Hypothesis for Online Healthcare Applications Makoto Nakayama and Steven Leon  9
Theory Choice In Critical Realist Information Systems Research Chidi Ononiwu, Irwin Brown and Sven Carlsson  10
Knowledge Diffusion Via Specialist Best Practice Mounir Kehal  11
Different Languages, Different Questions: Language Versioning in Q&A Andrew Vargo, Benjamin Tag, Kai Kunze and Shigeo Matsubara  12
An Investigation Of The Factors Affecting The Collaborative Propensity Of Home-Based Businesses: An Outline Of The Initial Study David Hastings and Muhammad Naveed Anwar  14
Transforming Health through Big Data: Challenges and Considerations Andrew Boilson, Anthony Staines, Regina Connolly, Justin Connolly and Paul Davis  15
Implications Of Industry 4.0 To Supply Chain Management And Human Resources Management Ayse Begum Kilic and Sevgi Ozkan  16
Analysis Of Electronic Voting Schemes In The Real World Voke Augoye and Allan Tomlinson  17
Factors That Affect The Acceptance Of New Technologies In The Workplace: A Cross Case Analysis Between UK And Hong Kong Dimitra Skoumpopoulou, Adam Wong, Peggy Ng and Man Fung Lo  18
The Servitization Of The IT Function: Implications For The IT Professional Clive Trusson  19
The Impact Of Robo-Advice On Financial Advisers: A Qualitative Case Study Crispin Coombs and Alex Redman  20
Tourist Expectations and Behaviour towards Sport Tourism in Thailand Witthaya Inpongpan  22
Smart Classroom - New Dimension of Learning:  the case study of Suan Dusit University Thailand Suwitcha Niamsorn  23
Encountering camera surveillance and accountability at work – case study of the Swedish police Marie Eneman, Jan Ljungberg, Bertil Rolandsson and Dick Stenmark  26
An Overview of User-level Usage Monitoring in Cloud Environment Manoj Kesavulu, Duc-Tien Dang-Nguyen, Markus Helfert and Marija Bezbradica  27
Inherent Game Characteristics of Electronic Negotiations Andreas Schmid and Mareike Schoop  28
Small Steps: Improving Healthcare With Local Innovation Nancy Russo, Jeanette Eriksson, Sue Harden Mugelli and Javier Marin  29
Qualitative Critical Realism in Information Systems Research Vahid Javidroozi, Hanifa Shah and Gerald Feldman  31
Agility in Information Systems – A Literature Review on Terms and Definitions Amelie Kim Schirrmacher and Mareike Schoop  32
Information Technology Outsourcing Configurations And Organizational Outcomes Quang Bui, Olayele Adelakun and Ezekiel Leo  33
Personalised Context Aware Content Relevant Disease Prediction And Diet Recommendation System Ramakrishnudu Tene and Balakrishna Tangedipalli  34
Cloud Computing and ERP:  An Academic Literature Review (2010 - 2015) Majed Algarni and Dr. Ahmad Alsanad  35
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Emerging Technologies and UK Organisations: Awareness, Implementation and Readiness Maria Chiara Addis and Maria Kutar  39
Digital Business Evolution: lessons from a decade of KTP industry projects Marie Griffiths, Aleksej Heinze, Alex Fenton and Gordon Fletcher  40

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