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25th UK Academy for Information Systems International Conference

We are celebrating 25 years of the UKAIS conference in 2020 and suggest that it is a time for reflection and to explore how the discipline of Information Systems has evolved over this period. In 1995, Microsoft's Windows 95 operating system was launched, the DVD format was introduced, Java 1.0 was introduced by Sun Microsystems and do you remember IBM’s legendary laptop ThinkPad? What is surprising is that Amazon officially opened in 1995.

For IS academics, educators and practitioners it can be argued that technologies have changed but have organisations and society really changed? It would be a challenge to put a date on the commentary below made by a CIO from the finance sector:

“I began to look at how technology was linked to our overall corporate strategy. I tried to assess how new applications impacted the enterprise; my intuition was that we were investing a lot but not getting the desired productivity. As I began to focus on what we were doing, it was clear that, generally, we did not change the processes that were being automated. Rather, we took sophisticated applications and layered them onto an old organization… Further, I recognized that in all of our years of focus on the technology, it was as if we had been looking through the wrong end of the telescope. Information Systems personnel needed to focus on processes, not technology”

Would it surprise you that this was the early 1980s (Davenport and Stoddard 1994)?

In 2020 we want to celebrate the UKAIS conference and acknowledge all those individuals that have co-created, co-produced and collaborated over the years to provide a place for sharing, learning and having fun!

The UKAIS conference is the premier academic event in the Information Systems calendar within the UK and attracts leading scholars from the UK and overseas. UKAIS is a charity, whose aims are to enhance the recognition and knowledge of IS within the UK, and to provide a forum for discussing issues in IS teaching and research. UKAIS recognises the importance of including practitioners in its work.

Our keynote speakers this year will be Professor Brian Fitzgerald, Director of LERO, University of Limerick, Ireland. Brian is President Elect of the Association for Information Systems (AIS).

For further details about our virtual conference please visit: https://ebusiness.ncl.ac.uk/ukais/index.php

If you have any queries regarding the conference please email: UKAIS2020@gmail.com.

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